The Morphing Object

Animation wave

The Morphing Object was the name of my final project for my general foundation @ DJCAD. It was a chosen animation block and it decided the specialism I wanted to go into for September. It’s crazy to think how fast the year has gone and how much I’ve learned particularly this semester.

For this project we had to animate an object into a living thing and then another object/abstract shape. It seemed impossible with my very limited 2 weeks experience but I had so much fun with this brief even if I did have to do 100 line tests to make sure it was successful and it pieced together like I hoped. My chosen transitions were as follows:

  • IPhone
  • Blob
  • Swimming sea turtle
  • IPhone

I had particular difficulty with the start-up of the IPhone because as easy as it may have seemed perspective and angles were pretty hard to draw up to make it look like it was spinning around. I also had a slight struggle with the sea turtles swimming nature as the movements in the arms are quite obscure and difficult to portray. This created setbacks but with a bit more research and reading I was able to rectify these mistakes

For this project I was also had to make an animatic which I was quite confused about but once I had got to grips with how that worked I was able to create one just fine and it really helped in the makeup of my final animation to give me an idea of the speed and how much I could get into this project without setting unrealistic standards for myself. You can find my animatic at the following link: 4 week Animatic

The end outcome is definitely worth the time spent over the 4 weeks and I also really enjoyed life drawing classes and having the opportunity to improve my skills in that area. The final tweaks and touch ups were very important in making sure my animation came together to the best standard.

This project definitely was my favourite of the whole year and it is so strange to look back and think I never thought about animation before but it’s basically everything I want in a course. The action of drawing something and making it come to life is something that creates excitement and a buzz and I can’t wait to do more.

My Final animation can be found here.


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